The Critics


The Talking Mime  James L.


     Rachel T.      Rachel T.


        Freddie          Freddie


      El Coco       Coco






The Talking Mime was born in a French family of mutes.  Their handicap did not limit them and soon they became a mime family sensation.  The Talking Mime was the only one in his family not born mute, being the black sheep did not limit him and now he is starting the new talking mime trend.  It's now trendy to be a talking mime.


Rachel chose to not have an awesome alias name and now pays the price by having to place a bag over her head to keep her identity secret.  Now on to her bio, Rachel lives in *******, she is **  years old and lives with her ******.


Another person that chose to not have a real alias name.  Oh well, I'll tell about Freddie anyway.  Freddie is a wonderful person that plays guitar and bass.  He is often ridiculed for his green question mark head but works with it by starring in books and other literary works that involve question marks.  There's Freddie (no he doesn't live on elm street.)


Ahhh El Coco!  A quick drawing fast shooting critic.  With his mustache and dual revolvers he's one bad dude.  In his spare time though he enjoys grooming and talking to his mustache.  Naming it mustachio, El Coco and his mustache get along just fine.


 The Deaf Counselor  Eric W.


   Squirrel      Matthew B.


     Jaded Smile      Kamela


   Expected-Irony     Josh






The Deaf Counselor has it made; he gets paid to sit and listen to children whine, and he doesn't even have to listen.  If only the rest of us had life so simple and pure.  Now you may wonder how one gets away with such things, but the Deaf Counselor does, all he does is nod and smile all day long.  The only drawback is he has to watch movies with subtitles, you know the ones that come on right after the line is said and only stays on for like half a second.


The Squirrel, a two faced animal.  Cute and cuddly to some and a vicious beast to others.  Squirrels will do anything for a nut and they are indeed nuts themselves.  The Squirrel does make the perfect critic though, he can sort out the blockbusters from the stinkers just as he would sort his nuts.


Jaded Smile, critic extraordinaire.  Always in the need to smile she must have a smile prop for when her smile can't....hold out.  With a smile always on you can't get tired of her..unless that is your her dentist...then I give you permission.  (never frown to a smile.)


Ironic isn't it? That is the question everyone asks when they see the Expected Irony.  I don't know why he is called the Expected Irony, neither does anyone else; but when you see him you just have to think that he's ironic.  But then his name does also have expected in it, so is he expected to be ironic?  The oxy-moron named man is indeed ironically expected.


     Art Buddy        Stephanie R.


      Pork Chop        Ben L.


Always there for you, Art Buddy will help you fulfill your artistic skills to the extreme.  Knowing art as it is, Art Buddy will use her extraordinary art talent and know how to pick out those great artistic masterpieces and the "normals" in the critic world.  The best part?  She's a great artist and she still has her ear!!!!


HERE PIGGE PIGGE!!!!...hmmm Pork Chop, a pig that means business.  Don't start chewing on his leg or he'll poke you with his deathly...pitchfork;'s not really deathly but it'll hurt.  Why is he a critic?  Well we don't know why, but he is; porkchop!!!

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