Sims 2 (ps2 and PC)




      You've got 50 bucks to spend and you're a sims fan.  Which do you buy?  I would have to say that you should buy the Sims 2 on the PC.  To me, it is way better.  Beware! It's very addictive because there's so much to do on Sims 2 because you are God.  You control the destinies and daily lives of people you've created.  It's not all realistic though.  There's a few quirks.  Genies, magic elixers, vacuums that suck the skills away from people.  I love it.  I'm addicted to it.  Sims 2 is my marijuana.  Well...not that far but it's pretty fun.  It's much better than Sims on PS2 where you have less freedom of play and less to do.

Sum up of Sims 2 on PS2

Here's the gist, you're a person of your choosing and you help other people fill their wants while filling your wants too.  That's the goal of the game.  There's not as many social interactions like in Sims Bustin' Out  ( for those who have played that game) and there's not as much you can do with designing and building the house but they do have better selection of clothes.  That is the only improvement from the other Sims PS2 games. The storyline is pretty much the same.

Perks of Sims 2 on PC

Sims 2 on PC, I love it.  For the architects to be, you can design and furnish homes and see how your Sims can interact with it.  For those people who like to create stories, you can by making your own characters and control the events from the Sims childhood to their adulthood and you can control interactions between your characters and even record them.  For those controlling people, you are GOD.  Like I said, there's so much to do that you'll be stuck in front of your computer for the longest time.  It's a great game. My review does not do it justice. - Jaded Smile



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