Halo 2


       "Halo 2 was one of the best first-person shooter games that I have ever played. This game had so many weapons to choose from, such as having a basic pistol, to an alien plasma rifle. How awesome is that? Campaign mode was fun, it included different storylines from other sides of the enemy, and a twisted sequence. But campaign mode couldn't have compared to it's outstanding multiplayer, which has fun modes and customization options. Such options included creating your own custom game, and choosing between what and how many weapons you wanted on the map. And with multiplayer, you and your friends can use your strategies against each other that would improve and change your own gameplay.

          All this explaining was the "good" part of Halo 2, the bad part of this game, was that the campaign was short, and there were sometimes glitches when you fought mini-bosses, and there wasn't a co-op online. Overall, Halo's gameplay was amazing, and the action was great, with the environment your in, you can't stop but think that this isn't real or not. In conclusion, I would give Halo 2 a 96%. There were many secrets and easter eggs that were hidden in the game, and just, well....you know, great graphics, action, options, etc." - the Deaf Counselor



Developer: Bungie Software

Rating 96%


Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

  Rated Mature (Blood, Violence)