Rival to Red Alert 2. Rival to Warcraft 2. A rival to every RTS in existence. A blueprint to every RTS game ever made since itís incarnation. Starcraft is an amazing game, with an amazing legacy behind it. Starcraft is the best RTS (in my opinion, at least) ever created, and yes, I am aware Iím going into this review incredibly biased, but it deserves it. The game stars three races: the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Zerg. Iíll give it to you quick Ė the Terrans are essentially humans (aggressive ones at that), then there are the ever-omniscient Protoss, and finally the freakishly scary Zerg (which take a resemblance to the bugs in Starship Troopers). In gameplay the Zerg tend to mass out very quickly due to their unit building system (faster than any other race in my opinion), the Protoss, pretty much the powerhouse race, and the Terrans are the all-arounders. Gameplay is extremely balanced, and no race is cheap (even though there are some cheap tactics, but that depends on how you view cheap); every race pretty much can fend against another, so itís always a test of skills (hotkeys, and micromanagement, too no less). All units are very unique (and this is one of the best parts of the game) and can serve SEVERAL (notice the capitalization to emphasize my seriousness) purposes. Also since the game is based off, the online play is incredibly efficient, and reliable. Everything about this game is good. If you havenít already played this game, or own it, go get a copy right now. If you donít then I ask of a mandatory suicide. Seriously. Ė Freddie


Developer: Blizzard  
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment  
Rated T (Blood and Violence


Rating  98%