12 Monkeys


        A future where only a few live, wiped out by a massive plague in the year 1996, mankind has been forced to live underground to escape the contaminated air of the surface world.  Prisoner James Cole has been chosen to go to the past and find out how this viral death came to birth and try to stop it before it happens.  This is pretty much the summary of the movie “12 monkeys”.  James Cole goes through time and actually ends up going to the wrong year (1990) the first time around and he meets Dr. Railly, a physiatrist at a mental institution, which is where he gets sent because of his outrageous babbling about the end of the world.  He later returns in 1996 and kidnaps her and makes her help him find the origins of the outbreak.  As time goes on he starts believing that it was the group the “12 Monkeys” that started the viral outbreak that ended the known world. 

            I have some really mixed emotions about this film, there are moments that I thought were fabulous, then others where I was thinking “how lame is this?”  The story is so weird and the style is so weird and it turns out to be good in some areas and bad in others.  The post-apocalyptic future is really corny, reminding me of such movies as “Judge Dredd” and “Demolition Man”, the world of 1996 and 1990 have a better if not normal look to them, set aside their very run down look in some areas. The writing isn’t wonderful but it does have plenty of twists and turns that does surprise you and in the end make you satisfied.  Some of the characters go through much change of thought throughout the movie, the first skeptic Dr. Railly starts beginning to believe Cole near the end of the movie while Cole himself starts questioning if he really is insane.  Another thing realized is that some of the things that Cole had seen in the future linked to the 12 Monkeys are actually first caused by him, as if he always was a part of the past and it’s beginnings of death.  Overall I would have to say that I was under-impressed with “12 Monkeys”, it didn’t turn out nearly as well as I thought it would, but the film did offer times of good entertainment that made me keep on watching it until the end. – the Talking Mime



Directed By: Terry Gilliam


Rated R (Violence and Foul Language)


Rating 79%


Did you know? – The Director of “12 Monkeys”     (Terry Gilliam) actually played in past Monty Python movies such as the Holy Grail and the Meaning of Life, playing parts such as the old man with 3 questions, the dead animator, and the British soldier in WWI.