A favorite among face-hugging, chest bursting, acid bleeding fans of the Alien series.  Aliens is the second installment in the series, being the sequel to Alien, which came out in 1979 and is proclaimed one of the best suspense/fright movies of all time.  The 1986 jewel is based on the main protagonist from Alien, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), 57 years later.  She has not aged because she was asleep in one of those age defying sleeping machines of the future (?)  Anyway, she is forced to go back to the planet where the first alien encounter happened; she does this because the military and colony sponsor want an adviser on the xenomorphs (aliens) on the planet.  Even though nobody really believes Ripley they send her anyway.  What lies ahead is an utter nightmare that is out of this worldÖ.

            In my opinion this is the best movie out of the entire series, number one was good for its time while 3,4(resurrection) and AvP were pretty disappointing.  Now even though I believe itís the best in the series it doesnít mean I think that highly of it.  The visuals are mediocre, the acting is mediocre and the writing is below the mediocre line.  The sound isnít half bad though, with suspenseful music and the sounds the aliens make are very original and draws you into the movie.  Now the movie is based in the future but I have to keep reminding myself that the people look non-futuristic just because the movie was made in the 1980ís with the hairstyles and all put into the movie.  That isnít a really bad complaint, but another one is that I kept thinking to myself ďWhy are the marines in the future, with what they said were state of the art equipment, dressed like rebels or a military of a very poor nation?Ē All of the soldiers donít look uniform or disciplined; itís like a band of misfits with guns.  The writing was full of cheesy lines and unintelligent reactions to different reactions.  Iím not sure if the bad acting was the fault of the actors or the fault of writing, but either way it wasnít very easy to watch.

            I have to admit that I do like the aliens, their design and look are very original and terrifyingly likeable in their own way.  The Queen is especially splendid in look, with her multiple layers of teeth and protruding spines on the edges of her back, pretty awesome.  Even though things such as concentrated acid for blood are a bit farfetched, I really love the idea behind the Alien series and wish someone would fulfill that potential, guess Iím just going to have to wait.  In the end what does make Aliens a worthy watch isnít really the thought or suspense behind it but just the fact that itís a brainless horror/suspense/action movie that youíll probably enjoy watching but not fall love with or compliment. Ė the Talking Mime


  Directed By: James Cameron

Rating 70%

  Rated R (Blood, Violence, Foul Language)