Imagine if you were catatonic, confined to a wheelchair being unable to move, eat by yourself or talk for the rest of your life...then one day someone can help u stand, and rise out of that wheelchair, well thatís what this movie is about.  Awakenings, based in the 1960ís,  stars Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer a doctor that works at a hospital for mentally ill people and in one part of the hospital there is a section for catatonic people. Leonard Lowe (played by Robert De Niro) is one of those patients, he has been a patient there since he was a teenager and he is now a grown man. One day Dr. Sayer found out that a certain drug might cure these people. He purposed this idea to fellow doctors, they mocked him and said it would never work and if it did it would be too expensive.  Well he was able to get them to test this out on one of his patients, Leonard.  Once Leonard was administered the medicine Dr. Sayer sits by him and waits...and waits... and waits...and eventually falls asleep, suddenly he hears a noise which wakes him up, he looks at the bed  Leonard was sleeping in and, its empty. He starts searching  the hospital rooms for Leonard and finally finds him sitting by the window drawing. Once he realized what was happening he shows Leonard to the doctors that mocked him, still they said it would be too expensive but eventually they allow the rest of the patients to use the medicine, which has the same effect and it seems that all of them are miraculously cured! The doctors decide to wait a while before confirming anything. While all this is going on the movie also focuses on the drama of Leonardís life because he is in a new world from the one he left. Everything seems to be fine and happy, until Leonard starts to behave abnormally again, he canít control himself, his hands, his facial expressions, and his temper. Well one thing leads to another and the rest of the patients start to have the same reaction, towards the end of the film all of the rest of the patients have the same reactions.  Sadly Leonard and the rest are back in their wheel chairs trapped, helpless they donít know why the medicine stopped working but whatever the reason was it still remains a mystery today. 

         But a lesson was learned from this  the people who worked at the hospital gained a new view on life, being more grateful for the things they take for granted, and well I did too, this is one of the best movies of all time, because its a true story. --El Coco


  Directed By: Penny Marshall

Rating 100%

  Rated PG-13