Batman Begins


Batman Begins is a very entertaining movie.  It is about the beginning of batman, how he came to be.  The movie follows the basic events that made Batman as in the comic, then it throws a lot of its own story in there,Öwhich is very good.  I enjoyed every moment of the movies beginning and though it wonderful.  This would be one of the best movies I have ever seen if it wasnít for one slight yet hugely impacting flaw; and it is that I do not like  the batmanís look or voice used in this movie.  I just canít get over it; itís so weird, so corny, so un-stylish or likeable.  Christian Bale does a great job of playing Bruce Wayne and the rest of the cast are exceptional actors, but Mr. Bale just canít play Batman.  I donít know if it is the directors view thatís messing it up or just his acting style (I donít think it is the acting style.)

            The look of Batman Begins is wonderful; with crisp picture and a beautiful use of colors and scenery.  The city doesnít look too well, but it isnít bad.  The writing is very likeable (at least to me it is) and it has much morality blended into it with repeating themes and thoughts.  I ended up liking each character, even the small ones (except for Batman himself, not Bruce Wayne though); not only was it the acting that made me like the characters but the writing too.  All in all this is one of my favorite super-hero based movies and I enjoy watching it multiple times (unlike most movies). Ė the Talking Mime.




  Directed by: Christopher Nolan   Rating 87%          
  Rated PG 13 (violence, frightening images)