Based on the popular game series Doom, this movie is about a Mars base under attack from strange creatures.  In this strange future where a large mars station has secretly unearthed a find that could change humankind forever, something goes terribly wrong.  The companyís ďspecialĒ security team is called in to take care of the problem.  When they find out that their problem is something out of this world (haha Iím so funny) they close off the base and evacuate certain parts and decide to deal with the problem head on.  Now I donít want to give anything away, but the movie is full of demon-like monsters that end up killing many people on the Mars base.  The movie stars the Rock as the team leader but the movie actually follows actor Karl Urban who is part of the special assault team. 

            The acting in this movie isnít so bad.  There is a very certain mix, but overall it makes a good believable watch.  The writing on the other hand sadly couldnít get the same treatment, I canít tell if itís supposed to be a little stupid or just makes us laugh when we shouldnít.  The story is the main problem, the acting, special effects and the general look of the film isnít actually all that bad.  The story is unoriginal though, I felt that I had seen it before, just in a better version.  You donít really get to like the characters all that much, except for maybe the Rock and Urban, but thatís not much.  Iím glad to say though that the special effects are excellent, a treat for the eyes.  Most of the monsters look believable, now this may not be as much of a shock factor as the game was when it first came out with top notch graphics (this is to every game in the series since they all come out as the top of their day), but movies donít tend to give us shock factors like those anymore.  One complaint would be how one of the characterís personality just changes at the end of the movie, itís like he hit his head and a whole new personality popped in, one with all of the opposite values and virtues.  One nice touch would be the B.F.G., big force gun (a.k.a Ė big f*****g gun for anybody that didnít get it), small jokes like that both hurt and help the movie.  They help since it adds a little more fun and entertainment to it, but it also makes the movie seem silly at the same time, which I thought the director was aiming more towards serious, I donítí know.

            I donít mind watching Doom, itís one of those movie where if I had to watch it I would but if I had a choice I would probably never pick it.  I think the gameís better though. Ė the Talking Mime  



  Directed By: Andrzej Bartkowiak        

Rating 69%

  Rated R (Blood, Violence, Strong Foul Language)        
  Unrated (Blood, Gore, Violence, Strong Foul Language, Nudity)