A rare gem of a movie.  A movie about Hitler’s and the Third Reich’s last days of World War 2.  Downfall goes into detail of Hitler’s last hours in his gloomy tight bunker, showing in much of the emotions of Hitler, his advisers and just the people around him in general.  In truth the movie does not monster Hitler, nor does it justify him being a good person.  The movie feels unbiased in many ways and just tells the straight story.

            Downfall’s shining star is its wonderful writing.  It isn’t poetic but it draws you in and feels real.  This German made movie is the winner of best German film in the Bambi Awards, winner audience award of the Bavarian Film Awards and the has the winning actor for the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Out of all of the war movies out there that I have seen this has to be at least in the top two.  The action in Downfall is actually limited and far less than you would expect from a war movie.  Out of the other war movies I have seen I would say it was most like “Enemy at the Gates” in structure, except for the fact that Downfall is much better and I have a disliking for the movie Enemy at the Gates.  The video quality in Downfall is a mixed emotion.  The video quality itself is not of as high resolution as most of the extremely high budgeted Hollywood movies out today, but I do have to give credit for the excellent cinematography and how well the movie itself is presented.  One thing that annoyed me was the movie’s length (2 ˝ hours), even though I am often impatient for a movie to end I was hooked all the way through and was thoroughly satisfied at the finish.  Another complaint was the subtitles, even though I would rather have subtitles than dubbing for a foreign film, my slow reading skills often cause me to miss things on screen or didn’t let me admire the picture as much.

            All in all I am very happy with this film and glad that I saw it. - the Talking Mime


Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Rating  93%

    Rated R (Violence, blood, gore, suicide, brief nudity)