A future controlled by a tyrannical dictator, been used before? Yes it has.  In Equilibrium though people are under the influence of an emotion blocking drug called “proezien” (sounds almost like protozoan which are organisms under the phylum Protozoa, anyway let us go on).  In the future there are to be no feelings, no emotion; this in turn ends war, ends hunger, it ends the disease of man and his emotions.  In this world of dullness to a multitude there are a few that have ceased their dose and try to fight the system, they in turn are often put down by the state police and by the specially trained clerics that are often near unstoppable (think of neo in matrix).  The story follows one cleric named John Preston (Christian Bale – American Psycho, Batman Begins), he is the top cleric but he ceases his dose; and as the movie goes on he comes to realize the wrong of the system and tries to destroy it.

            Equilibrium has some really good cinematography and good uses of color, which is sort of a weird thing to say since the movie doesn’t have much color, it uses a lot of grey but it uses it nicely, creating a very modern looking film.  The writing isn’t top notch, but it is pretty good, with many philosophical and strong feeling statements.  One thing that is a bit iffy would have to be the gun battles; they could be called spectacular or cheesy.  The gun battles are full of very amazing moves and are often on the border of being unbelievable, some are executed badly though while others just seem to ooze with style, so it’s a certain mix.  The movie feels like it is too slow paced in some areas, such as when Preston is feeling emotions they feel too drawn out, but that’s only a small complaint.  The movie is good but it could of course be better.  Some have said it is a copy of the matrix, I don’t feel it is, its only similarity is that there are a lot of gunfights, and if you liked the matrix (or didn’t like it) it doesn’t mean that you will like this (or don’t like it).  If you do end up watching Equilibrium get ready for much gunz a’blazing to be had. – the Talking Mime


Directed By: Kurt Wimmer

Rating 82%

  Rated R (Violence, Blood, Mild Foul Language)