Final Destination 3


            Ha. Ha. Ha. What a god-awful movie. I’m just going to say it now; Final Destination 3 is one of the worst movies I have EVER seen (notice the seriousness). Even with the series’ reputation of horrifyingly gruesome death scenes, Final Destination 3 is a shame to the mark. Some accidents should have been removed altogether. For example, in one scene, fireworks scare a horse, which leads to a death (I was nice enough to leave out spoilers), but what the hell was a horse doing around fireworks? I mean, any loud noise, or bright flashes can easily scare a horse, which could lead to a trampling, or some other gruesome death. Another example of a lamely written death scene was the engine death. So a truck rear-ends a car, right? But what happens? The engine (fan included) fly out of the truck and into the back of the guy’s car, and ends up chopping up his head, which is LAME (followed by myself, and several of my friends saying, “bullshit”). The only good death scene is the one where you get to see an unfortunate victim’s boobies (and this can’t even save the movie – SPOILER – she then gets burned to death; bosoms and all). Couple the only gimmick the series with bad acting (which will make you cringe), and unreal situations and we have a (as I stated earlier) god-awful movie. I’m going to go even a step further – I herald this as the worst movie of 2006! Yes! That feels good. - Freddie


  Directed By: James Wong

Rating 15%

  Rated R (Blood, Nudity, Gore, Foul Language)