Happy Feet


          A movie about the love and adventure based around the life of a penguin named Mumble.  Mumble is born different from the rest of the emperor penguins, in the emperor penguin world singing is the education, the way of life and of course the way of love.  Well, Mumble canít sing (he sounds very close to nails on a chalkboard) and because of this he is sort of caste out; but wait, he can use his feet to sort of do this supped up tap dance motion (which is quite impressive for a penguin I might add).  After time goes on the elder penguins start to blame him for the fish shortage and he goes off trying to find the real answer to the shortage, Mumble believes itís the aliens (human race) that are causing the shortage and with his mini penguin friends and with the support of his crush Gloria, Mumble goes out on the journey to speak with these aliens and try to rationalize and make them stop the shortage of fish.

            Now before I drill into the bad parts of the movie (hitting a movie review with the bad parts of a movie is usually the most fun part of a review and I try to hold back my urge so I can to give you a decent minded review, your welcome), I would like to discuss some of the more appealing aspect about Happy Feet.  The special computer generated effects in Happy Feet are just spectacular; they are beyond all of the other computer generated cartoons out there.  The glaciers and characters are spectacular and breathtaking.  The story is very child friendly (even though there are quite a few moments when the penguins offer references to sex and mating season, hip thrusting motions are also implanted) , itís all about love and looking beyond the world given to you, the ending is a happy one but I kept thinking the movie was going to end when it wasnít, there couldíve been at least 5 solid endings to the film and the one the writers/director chose is a nice happy ending for a childrenís movie, even if it seems like the happy ending was put there just for the sake of a happy ending.  I wouldnít say Happy Feet is funny, but there are quite a few funny parts, most of them are supplanted by Mumbleís little group of comic relief Adelie penguins called the Amigos. 

            So here comes my favorite part, the slaughter of a movie.  Happy Feet has some extremely strange moments, the beginning for example when Mumbleís parents meet is so corny or weird, I was embarrassed, I donít know why or for whom, I just felt embarrassed.  I understand itís a childrenís movie and many of them have stupid writing and corny moments that children probably love, in the view of a human being who can read and go potty by myself, I would say that these moments arenít much fun and hurt the movie.  I didnít really like the characters either (except for the Amigos), if they were to die I would feel a little sorrow, and one could possibly measure my sorrow by popping out a magnifying glass and a ruler with nanometer measuring on it (.000000001 of a meter), but that wonít be necessary.  For a kids movie there are some creepy moments, I donít mean creepy as in ďOh look mommy at that scary shark!Ē, I mean creepy as in psychological madness sort of way, a loss of a sense of reality and time itself; which I might yet again add is in a childrenís movie.

            Happy Feet didnít make me want to jump out a window (always a good accomplishment for a movie) but it didnít offer as much as I expected it and I didnít enjoy it as much as I would have liked.  That said, Happy Feet wasnít terrible and made me laugh, I just wish it was better written but then again I donít really care all that much (there are better movies out there, why fret over this one?)  If you have a kid, or are a fan of Disney-like movies or a penguin fanatic then go see Happy Feet, if not then flip a coin and decide. Ė the Talking Mime



Directed By: George Miller


Rating 71%


Rated PG (Rude Humor and Perilous Situations)