Kite is a movie about a girl who’s a highschool student/professional assassin.  Yeah it sounds a little weird but whatever.  Her name is Sawa and her master is a homicide detective for the police force, he often ends up working on the cases that she ends up killing.  He works with another man who is the master of Oburi, he is also an assassin and along one of their hits they meet up and end up falling in love. 

            So this is an anime about an assassin girl who had her parents murdered as a child and was adopted by a man that ended up training her to become an assassin for him.  He gets paid by clients to take out certain “people”, and Sawa is the one to do it first hand.  Now I don’t have that many nice things to say about this movie, one thing that I do have to say that it’s only like 75 minutes long, which some would say is short but I found the quick speed a sweet relief.  The animation in Kite is sort of lacking in so many ways, the characters are nicely drawn but animations can be choppy and characters rarely move outside of action scenes except for the blinking of their eyes and maybe a move of an arm.  The writing isn’t superb and you as a viewer don’t really feel for the characters in any way, you don’t get to spend all too much time getting to know them and none of them portray much acting (or articulation) to make you care for them.  The violence is way over the top, with bullets that explode and fake (and bright) looking blood spraying all of over the place (not to mention the uncountable amount of exploding body parts).   Another “not for children” thing  is the many hints of “child molestation” between Sawa and her master; this is actually true in the movie but all of the sex scenes were cut out in the U.S. port, so unless you’re into the whole pedophile thing, which I really hope you’re not, then the cuts are fine.

            The movie is just too shallow to warrant any interest in the story or the characters.  It’s not like it’s one of those movies that hurt to watch, but whenever I watched it, it sort of reflected the same feeling I would have from watching a white wall for 75 minutes; Kite doesn’t really hurt but it isn’t entertainment either. – the Talking Mime




Directed By: Yasuomi Umetsu


Rating 51%


Rated 16 Up (Nudity, Sexuality, Gore, Violence, Foul Language, Violence against Women)