Mission Impossible


           Mission Impossible is the first Mission Impossible movie; based on the 70’s T.V. show (guessing on video quality and hair style) Mission Impossible, the movie was a big success and grossed $465 million worldwide.  It’s about a secret organization of spies that work for the U.S. government.  They are much like the CIA but are not known to much of the world.  One of these spies is agent Ethan Hunt, during a mission all of his teammates get killed and the organization believes that he is the one that killed them all.  Ethan is on the run, looking for the main perpetrator of the murder of his colleagues and to find the mole in the organization to stop his own witch-hunt once and for all.

            “Your mission, if you choose to accept, will be to be dazzled by godly stunts and the breaking of physics itself in the viewing of Mission Impossible.”  Nearing the end of the movie I just couldn’t believe what I was watching was the all too famous Mission Impossible, I was just disappointed….but then the ending came, I was about to change my mind but then thought “Oh wow, I am disappointed!”   The dialogue has many good strong points, but as an overall piece they’re just not that strong or effective or smart.  I watched MI:1 after I watched the sequel and I have to say that this is an entirely different kind of movie compared to Mission Impossible:2.  Mission Impossible:1 is a lot slower, more down to earth but isn’t nearly as stylish as the sequel.  I would say that I like them both equally, MI:2 has the brawn and MI:1 has not the brains but the suspense.  There were many tense moments in Mission Impossible that made it all worth watching even if the writing wasn’t all that smart and the movie unbelievable compared to reality.  The movie feels unpolished, something that wasn’t thought through or planned.  For instance, there is a scene where a helicopter is hooked onto a train and goes into a train tunnel with the train (that’s not the unbelievable part), so it’s riding along following the train in this awfully skinny tunnel then comes another train from the opposite direction, Tom Cruise jumps out of the way, the other train passes, all is okay…but wait!!! No it’s not, what happened to the helicopter, two trains take up all of the tunnel except for a couple of feet on all sides, so unless the helicopter had magical train avoiding powers, it should have crashed into the other train.  The movie feels cheap, even with what seems like pretty good budget, the camera angles and the picture quality seem low budget; even the acting isn’t all that great except for the Tom Cruise’s and Emmanuelle Beart’s performance.  The movie does have many good points though, such as the scene where Ethan is retrieving the NOC list or the scenes where the team is trying to prevent a target from getting the NOC list at the beginning of the film or the exploding aquarium scene.

            So the movie isn’t all bad and I would actually recommend it to fans of spy flicks.  I guess I was all the more disappointed that this mediocre film was the well known and well received Mission Impossible.  At least I know I can always go and watch a James Bond film if I’m not in the Mission Impossible mood. - the Talking Mime



Directed By: Brian De Palma

Rating 71%


Rated P-13 (Violence, Blood)