The Motorcycle Diaries


            What an accomplishment. This movie follows Che Guevara’s journey through South America, and his growth and development into a revolutionary. The movie starts out with Che (then called Ernesto by his family, and Fuser by Granado) and Granado (his partner for the trip) preparing for their amazing journey, while they speak with their folks. Eventually they jump on “The Mighty One” (their motorcycle) and embark on their journey through Latin America and into history. The journey starts rough with many accidents, but eventually they make it to Che’s girlfriend’s house, and stay a couple weeks while they repair their motorcycle, and while Che spends time with his girlfriend. She tries to convince Che to stay but Che simply says no. She gives Che some money ($15 for a swimsuit if they reach Miami), and tells him they she’ll wait, but won’t wait forever; Che never returns. Throughout the trip Che encounters many life-altering events, such as running into a communist couple, who are being chased by police for their beliefs, and his stay at a leper colony (and his kind treatment of the patients). But, the movie isn’t constantly serious. It manages to inject humor and makes you genuinely care for the characters during their trek (which is good, even though the humor can get crude). On a side note the political commentary that’s delivered makes your think of our own world, and our own morality. It’s one of those movies that really make you look at what’s right and wrong. No, the movie isn’t filled with guns that blaze, or crazy fighting scenes. What you do get though is an amazing, and thought-provoking look at how Che Guevara came to be. - Freddie


  Directed By: Walter Salles

Rating 90%

  Rated R (Foul Language)          
  Spanish (English subtitles)