Requiem for a Dream


Alright, so I imagine you might of seen your fair share of drug movies (but I’m only assuming); Cheech and Chong, Trainspotting, and perhaps even Dazed and Confused. I haven’t yet seen a film that doesn’t glorify drug use, until I hit this movie. My friend, Josh Peterson, introduced it to me about a month ago, beacuse of his interest in Darren Aronofsky (Pi, also famous for the "Hip Hop Montage" directing style), and it's probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. The story revolves around four people: Harry (Jared Leto [of 30 Seconds To Mars Fame]), his mother, Sara (Ellen Burstyn), Tyrone C. Love (which surprisingly is played by Marlon Wayans [of BET fame]), and Marion Silver (Jennifer Connely), and their addictions. The movie is based off a 1978 novel of the same name. The movie starts off with Harry’s mother watching an infomercial about weight loss (one that will be repeated several times throughout the movie), when Harry shows up to steal her television (at which time Sara proceeds to the closet). As Harry attempts to steal her TV set, he discovers that there is a chain on it. When he questions his mother’s decision to chain the television, she tells him,” it’s for the robbers”, and when he attempts to open the door to the closet his mother is hiding in, he finds out there is a lock on it too. Angered, Harry takes the television and sells it, and for what? Smack. But, it’s not a tongue in cheek movie about the shenanigans of drug abusers, but more of a dark look into the wasted lives of addicts. Things in the movie seem to get better for them all, with Harry’s mom being asked to be on television (for the infomercial she watches several times), Tyrone and Harry making all sorts of money in the drug trade, and Marion, living happily with Harry. It seems like they’re at the top of the world, but it only leads into a dark abyss of addiction. The characters begin to struggle to make it to their next score of drugs after a turn of events, which in turn leads to more problems. As the movie pushes onward, you can actually sense things spiraling out of control (no joke). All in all, Requiem For A Dream is an incredible movie. - Freddie



  Directed by: Darren Aronofsky

Rating 91%

  Unrated - (Drug Use)