Silent Hill


            Silent Hill, a ghost town in West Virginia that was burned down in the 1970’s.  Rose, the main protagonist, has a daughter who talks much of this town in her sleep, they both go to see if they can see why this is happening.  They meet a police officer along the way named Cybil who follows them into town.  Both crash and Rose wakes up finding her daughter missing, here starts the journey into the cursed town….Silent Hill.

            Based off of the pretty well known horror video game series Silent Hill, this movie was supposed to reflect all four installments and also the fright of the game.  The atmosphere in Silent Hill the movie is very eerie and the look of the falling ashes and the fog are unmistakably artistic and beautiful.  The sound and music also add to the feel of the movie and is very likeable.

            Okay so we’ve now said all of the good parts about this movie, lets now hammer in the unavoidable mistakes and let downs.  First off the movie does not reflect how great the video game is, I haven’t played all 4 installments in the Silent Hill video game series but I’ve played enough to know that the movie makers screwed up.  The monsters aren’t nearly as freaky and disturbing as they are in the game, even though they are much of the same monsters, the movements and the disturbing feeling of the atmosphere are not that great in quantity.  The special effects are nice but the actual computer generated effects are not that good at all, it just looks fake in many areas.  The acting is alright, but the actual characters don’t really make sense, they do things that a normal person wouldn’t do; for example why would the cop just follow Rose?  There isn’t enough reason to just follow her, she suspects that Rose has kidnapped a girl (Rose’s daughter) but it’s not like the girl is struggling or anything like that.  Rose also doesn’t seem all to freaked out by the events, I mean she cries and all that, but I would be a little hesitant to go into a town that’s snowing ashes and all that.  The ending is sort of an unhappy ending, and doesn’t really make sense… all.  I was fairly disappointed with this movie, it had so much potential, with being based off of a wonderful game that gives so much material.  I might be a little biased or pre-judgmental on  this movie while watching it because I wanted it to live up to the game, but the monsters and stuff did come from the game, so when you look at it, all of the good parts came from the game while everything that was added in really sucks.  The game wins. – the Talking Mime



Directed by: Cristophe Gans

Rating 50%

  Rated R (Violence, Disturbing Images, Foul Language)