The Bone Collector


            The movie starts out with Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington), a police detective investigating a homicide.  He ends up going into this small clearing underground to see the body, as he turns the head he notices that the victim is him and then a steel beam falls and hits him.  Lincoln wakes up from his dream to find himself lying in his bed, 4 years ago this had happened and now he is paralyzed for life from the neck down except for some of his fingers and shoulders.  Police officer Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie) finds a dead body and saves the evidence, later Lincoln hears of the case and wants Amelia on it since he trusts her forensic instincts.  As the story moves on more victims are found, each one with clues left behind by the killer to the next murder.  Itís a race against time and Amelia and Lincoln must answer the clues before the next victim falls prey.

            I have to tell you that when I first popped the movie in I was ready to stop the movie and watch something else.  From the beginning it looks too much like a crappy low budget movie, there isnít really anything to attract you other than the title and the big names involved. After a while though I started to get interested and I just had to know what all the clues meant and how they were going to find the answers to them.  Denzel Washington does a great job playing Lincoln Ryhme and even though Angelina Jolieís performance wasnít spectacular it was passable enough to not harm the story.  Other big names are Queen Latifah playing as Thelma, Lincolnís nurse and Ed Oíneill (Married with Children) playing as Detective Paulie Sellitto.  All give a good performance and only help the movie.  The story does a great job of hooking the viewer over time with many twists and surprises until the last minute.

            Not all is good with Bone Collector though, the story is kind of ďiffyĒ, even with the twists and turns, and the ending is sort of anticlimactic.  From the near beginning I sort of guessed the killer, just because he fit the ďtoo good to be a killer but still plausibleĒ look.  The picture quality feels low budget, the colors donít shine, the resolution is average and there were no good angles, it was utterly empty of any kind of visual art.  The movie was made in 1999 but it feels older, like something from the 1980ís.  As an added bonus (or insult), the movie has nothing to do with collecting bones, I mean the killer leaves pieces of bones behind but they donít have anything to really relate to in the story except to hint at something else that I cannot tell about.  I have to say that my favorite actor/character in the movie was Ed Oíneill playing as Detective Paulie Sellitto, his character was the only one I really cared about and even though we see little of him his performance was strong and believable.

            The Bone Collector was certainly not a bad movie, and I got what I expected.  The only problem is that I didnít expect it to be that great and it definitely didnít prove me wrong.  Iím glad I watched it but I wonít be watching it again (if I can help it). Ė the Talking Mime



Directed By: Phillip Noyce

Rating 75%


Rated R (Violence, Strong Language)