The Jerk



The Jerk wasn’t actually what I thought it would be like; I was expecting Steve Martin to be more of a jerk.  What he does end up as is a very wonderful, likeable character.  The movie is a mix of dull and extremely funny moments; it’s a good thing the funny moments are as good as they are since the movie is a mixed ride.  Steve Martin’s character goes out into the world leaving his African American family that raised him and faces the world alone.  This naïve character goes through many friends, meets the love of his life and goes from rags to riches back to rags again.  Being a movie from 1979 it actually looks pretty good and not old at all.  The acting is a mix but Steve Martin himself gives a good performance.  Being one of his funnier movies it’s a surprise that this was his onscreen acting debut.  This movie is set up like episodes put together to complete a season, I mean it isn’t literarily set up like that but Steve goes through one area to another where it’s like…well a whole other episode.  My favorite character has to be the dog since he has such a character on his own, and makes a good team with Steve Martin.  I also like the psycho sniper character…very funny. I enjoyed this movie and got a laughs out of it, the best part is that it is good to watch over and over again!  It’s good.  (my favorite quote – Steve M.: I was raised as a poor black child….) – the Talking Mime




  Directed by: Carl Reiner                

Rating 82%

  Rated R (Mild Foul Language, Sexuality)