The Shining


            This movie from the early 80ís is based on one of Stephen Kingís novels.  The plot is of a family that goes to take care of a glamorous hotel while the guests and staff are gone for the winter.  With the isolation from society, the father starts to go mad, which isnít helped by the ghosts that haunts the hotel.  The story is predictable in that you know the general events that are going to happen, but many surprises are in store for a new viewer. 

            First thing is that the cinematography is actually pretty good, the beginning of the movie has some really nice shots and even though the resolution isnít too well (1980ís video), it is still impressive.  I also praise the acting of Shelley Duvall; her performance was, in my opinion, wonderful. How the movie has that sort of psychotic feel works well with its theme of course and comes to set up an appropriate mood for the movie.

            Now the movie does have many flaws.  I felt that the acting by the supporting actors (except the chef) were very under-par.  This also goes for Jack Nicholsonís portrayal of the psycho, or to be more exact the non psycho.  Jack does fine playing the psycho; itís when he is supposed to be acting normal that it gets me.  He still acts sort of crazed even when he is supposed to be in a friendly state; after watching the special features though, maybe itís just how he really acts, which isnít bad then, just a little weird. 

            A little flawed but still a worthy watch, my favorite line would have to be ďRedrum! Redrum!Ē by the sisters. Ė the Talking Mime





  Directed by: Stanley Kubrik                
  Rated R (Violence, gore, blood, strong foul language, and full nudity)    

Rating 86%