The Thing


John Carpenter. What do you think of when you hear his name? You might just think of all the lame lackluster films that have his name under. Or you might think of the 1982 classic, The Thing. At the beginning of the movie, an alien comes to earth, crash lands in Antarctica, attacks a Norwegian research base, the Norwegians attempt to finish it off (then disguised as a dog), and begin firing at the American Antarctic research base, in turn shooting a character in the leg, they fire back, kill the Norwegians, and inadvertently let the alien into their base (then still disguised as the dog). The premise is one of fear, and suspicion. The alien (or affectionately referred to as the Thing) can take form of anything it wants to, even able to replicate the clothes of the unfortunate victim. Kurt Russellís (Escape to New York, Stargate) character is pretty much a jerk; but you canít help but laugh at his perseverance to find and kill the Thing, no matter who it is. The movieís plot eventually thickens as more, and more people get wasted by Kurtís instinct on who the Thing has currently taken form of. This movie is defiantly worth seeing, for not only the scares, but for the laughs (which is a victim of itís own age; bad costumes and such). If you want to sit in on a ďclassicĒ John Carpenter flick, then this ones the one. - Freddie


  Directed By: John Carpenter        

Rating 79%

  Rated R