Time and Again


          Time and Again is a story about this guy (the name has slipped my mind) who is spending time in prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit, through some weird cosmic malfunction and phenomenon there is a time portal when he is trying to escape and he goes through it.  The portal transports him back to the 1950’s where he was around the age of 14-17 years old and a few days before he was accused of murdering his father.  He uses this unusual event to try to right the wrong and change history to his favor.

            I got this movie with a “how to make Hollywood quality films” kit that included other “how to” videos and a book.  Apparently this movie was directed by the creator of the “how to” videos with the kit and apparently the author of the book.  This movie is so little known though that even the very broad range of movies covered by rottingtomatoes.com (a movie and game review site) doesn’t include the movie Time and Again.  Now let me say when I opened the package I first watched some of the directing tips videos then I watched this movie; and after watching Time and Again I have pretty much scrapped all of the knowledge I had attained from the “learning” videos.  This movie is just plain awful; I mean it’s so awful, not only in writing but just the main idea (time portals out of no-where?).  The acting is sad and it doesn’t even redeem itself with being a family oriented film, it contains some parts that reveal the human mental sickness, and not in a psycho thriller sort of way but in a pedophile/molester sort of way.  The only good part may be from the cinematography but even that is way below the average line and it’s hindered even more by the constant blur effect that they used throughout the whole movie making it look like a dream scene from one of those television shows.  The ending is unimaginative and reveals a twisted disgusting set of family morals. 

            Time and Again was the winner of 3 Telly Awards (best director, best cinematographer, best low budget film); I only have to say that the competition must have been the equivalent to sh*t, oh my mistake, they must be below crap because Time and Again is the equivalent to sh*t.  It’s just so bad, I mean I was watching the director and writer talk about how imaginative a person has to be to make a good movie and how many twists and turns it should have…they must be hypocrites because Time and Again does not have any twists (maybe one really bad one) and it is definitely not imaginative.  I didn’t even watch the movie again to write this review because I didn’t want to go through the pain.  Now that I think about it, it may just be a scam, maybe they know they can’t make movies but decided to make a “how to make movies” package just to scam people; I got ripped off. (p.s.- I gave the 6 percent for the simple fact that the actors gave up their pride and dignity to make this movie, my heart goes out to all of them.) – the Talking Mime


  Directed By: Jason J. Tomaric

Rating 6%


Unrated (Foul Language, Violence, Sexuality)