United 93


       September 11 is still a slightly touchy subject, even years after the tragedy.  United 93 is a story about the people on flight United 93, the plane that crashed in the field in Pennsylvania, and their heroic and thoughtful actions.  The story isnít solely on flight 93 and generally covers the other flights at the time and goes through the different views of the people that were directly affected and were carefully monitoring the planes while the tragedies happened.  The movie goes through a whole lot of these points of views, ranging from the military, the government, to the heads of the Airlines, the passengers and the extremist terrorist themselves.

            Now before I go on Iím going to warn the reader that Iím going to put this movie down quite a bit, I do not want anyone to believe a think little of 9/11 because I donít; I think 9/11 was something that sadly happened and I have the utmost respect for all those affected by the events of that day.  So on with the review, the first thing I would like to point out is how the camera is used.  The camera throughout the movie I donít believe is on any camera stand or anything and the screen can be seen as very shaky and never stopping, which might be okay if your standing 15 feet away from your T.V. screen, but I unfortunately saw this at the movie theater sitting at the front rowÖso at the end I was extremely nauseous and was on the brink of vomiting.  Maybe your not easily brought to a puking state, thatís okay I have other complaints.  Anyway, I donít think it was as well written as it could have been, I mean donít get me wrong, there is a huge amount of information in this movie which is very impressive; but much of the point of the movie was to make heroes out of the passengers of flight 93, that instead of having the aircraft fly into another American monument they had it suicidally crash into a field, which is not what the movie really accomplished.  By the end I was actually feeling a small disliking for the passengers of flight 93 (sorry to say, this is only a movie though), in the movie they are portrayed as vicious and greedy, which if is anywhere near true, I believe then it should not be shown, that the movie shouldnít be made.  Too many people still feel the close affects of 9/11 and to have the heroes portrayed as animals is a little too harsh.  In the end I didnít feel to sorry for anybody, except when you realize that these are true events that really happened, but what I mean to say is that the director did a poor job of conveying those true emotions into the story portrayed on the big screen.  The last complaint would be the sheer boredom of this movie, I was about to fall asleep while watching this movie and noticed a friend of mine already there; it hooked me in the beginning but gave little to keep me there.  Iím sorry to say that this not a top notch film, even as a September 11 tribute. Ė the Talking Mime



Directed By: Paul Greengrass


Rating 64%


Rated R Ė (Mild Foul Language, Violence, Terror)