Extraordinary.  That thought kept popping up while I was watching the movie Unleashed.  Starring Jet Li as the main protagonist, this story goes on to tell of a man that is used as a dog by a crime lord to keep people in line.  Danny(Jet Li) is leashed like a dog and whenever the leash is off he becomes a fighting machine that is nearly unstoppable.  Later Danny is rescued by a family that teaches him what emotions are, what life is.  As the movie goes on he is in conflict, mentally and physically with his old master and his new family. 

            The video quality in Unleashed is wonderful; itís crisp, clean and artistic.  The sound is also used very well, having moments where there is no noise but the voices of the moment.  The color used in Unleashed is very easy on the eyes, it isnít too bold, but it is executed very well.

            The setting is in some city in England, possibly a part of London.  The acting is very good with just about every character being portrayed with real emotion and tone.  A few complaints I do have on the movie are small, one such complaint though is of how Morgan Freemanís character just brings Danny home, without really getting to know him; I mean heís blind so he doesnít even know what Danny looks like.  I guess it is possible that there are such people such as that, kind and very unsuspecting; I just found it a little strange.  Another thing I was just curious on is where did all of the guys Danny beats up near the end of the movie go?  What do the police have to say about it, the whole matter is just bypassed; this isnít really a bad complaint and doesnít really hurt the movie at all.  Overall I thought this was an excellent movie, filled with a good amount of emotion and a huge amount of actionÖ.very good. Ė the Talking Mime 




  Directed By: Louis Leterrier                

Rating 92%

  Rated R (Blood, violence, strong foul language, sexuality, brief nudity)