V for Vendetta



           I wasn't looking forward to really watching this movie.  When I finally did I was actually a little surprised of how hooked I was to watching it, even though I was hooked it didn't mean it was any better than I expected it to be.  This movie is a show that even if a movie has a lot of money to use and talented directors at its disposal that a movie can simply still fail.  V for Vendetta all about going against the tyrannical power of the future British (I think British) government.  The protagonist is this man named V that has a dark past; throughout the movie he makes it his mission to eliminate all that caused his curse to befall him and to eradicate the totalitarian government.  Along the way he meets this girl and convinces her that it is right to fight the oppression, and the movie goes on upon this.  That is good and all but I just didnít like the movie that much.  I didnít feel connections with the characters nor did I totally agree with their cause.  In the end, even though the government wasnít good or fair, I actually ended up siding with the government in the end, just because I didnít like the alternative side.  V is supposed to be human, Iíll be it maybe a bit stronger or faster, but that doesnít make him invincible; how they portrayed V and his feats are in many ways unbelievable.  In the movie V is called a terrorist by the government, he could also be a freedom fighter, I would call a person that destroys valuable landmarks and murders a large number of people a terrorist though.  The last scene with the giant movement of people (freedom fighters) I thought was a little cheesy and felt unreal or maybe just an unwanted ending.  The movie was written by the Wachowski brothers (matrix), they could have done so much better.  There were some good parts, the cinematography was excellent and the story was suspenseful in the small areas to keep me watching.  I was very impressed with the matrix, but sadly V for Vendetta doesnít quite live up. Ė the Talking Mime   



Rating 70%

  Directed by: James McTeigue              
  Rated R (Violence, blood, mild language)                
Return            9/1/06